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written by oknyua, February 09, 2008 | 18:59:03 on Malaysia Today for the article " 250,000 Chinese need help"

I posted this earlier in another thread.
A heart-wrenching incidence I witnessed yesterday (8/2/0smilies/cool.gif. Let AAB interpret if he listens. (Since Zam reads this blog, please report this to AAB).

Some friends wanted to come to my house and as the result I went to the market to buy chicken, to make “rendang”. The only one opened was operated by a Malay trader that I know. The trader was picking up pieces of chicken that we normally throw away, the necks and some parts of the wings. “Ada lagi?” she asked the customer, “Ini mau tak?” She picked more necks until the plastic bag was about half filled, probably 2 kg. She weighed it and said, “Tiga ringgit.”

The customer looked at me and another Indian man who were nearby. I wanted to ask, “Itu untuk apa, kak?” but I kept my silence. It was the way the buyer dressed and her hasty retreat that made realised there are still poor people around, buying necks of chickens to feed her family.

I defend her rights to buy the chicken necks, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Yet this is in Selangor, Malaysia richest state, and she was a Malay. This place was not far from the 30-room “palace” that was built on low-cost house land.

Mr Big Ears, please listen because there will be more and more people surviving on chicken necks if corruption is protected in Malaysia. Please think again before you approve another space tourist to space. Don't talk big on "coridor-coridor" and "mega-mega." I wish I record the above scene for us to see. No, it's not only in Sabah.

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