why i dont vote for BN

Well I guess all of us are still in the state of shock from the fresh PRU-12. Most people will remember this occasion as the worst campaign for BN since independence. Apparently, I strongly think it should be remembered as the time Malaysians wake up from their day-dreaming state and critically deciding from the ballot boxes. It’s a huge transition in Malaysian Politics and voters maturity in weighing their future seriously.

Many BN full-hearted supporters sent me messages that express their discontent and disappointment with scholars who are studying overseas sponsored by “the government” are happily chanting opposition themes. They even made it sound blasphemous and strongly reflecting these students as traitors to the nation. It sounds so ridiculous. Many are not able to differentiate between “government’s money” and “rakyat’s money”. As a matter of fact, the scholarships are based on my parents money, Pak Abu’s money, Lim’s money, Bala’s money etc. It’s from the tax-payers money. In short, I strongly think that these scholars are not indebted to the government, instead they owe the people the knowledge that they earn by being honest and critical in their judgement for the good of the many.

Some other messages are flowered with racial sentiments. They said “ aren’t you afraid of being ruled by Chinese…there are a lot of them from DAP and KeADILan that won seats in the parliament”…some said,” Do you really think that the newly formed government can do any better? You will see all their lies and you will feel sorry for it in the future”. My answer is simple, there is no guarantee that they are going to perform, if they don’t, we have the power to make changes in the coming elections taking into account the public is getting better in their judgements and their involvement in the recent times have been phenomenal.

Statistically, I believe everyone knows that the BN has been denied their 2/3 majority that they have been enjoying for the almost forever. So there is no need for me to reiterate that fact. In essence they have been so incompetent and complacent in their performance that they think there is no risk of losing the power; they believed Malaysians have voted and will vote for them regardless of anything. The perwakilan in the parliamentary seats (most of them) do not have to even listen to any of the proposals from BN to agree with it. They just have to turn up (some datang untuk tidur, and some others come to curse), raise their hand and say yes then they get their allowance and go back happily. Bear in mind that there have been a number of instances the people who competed in the election and won were actually being put to win by the party. So the drive to honestly represent the people in the parliament is certainly lacking.

It is so irresistible to ask oneself how would a coalition that had the biggest victories in Malaysian history (PRU-11) just suffered the worst ever defeat in the last few days. There are a lot of people and parties who deserve the credit of turning around the table. Bloggers; they have been consistently writing online either just to spur some speculations or come up with valid facts and sources. They have enlightened Malaysians who have access to internet (which support a rumour why internet connection in Malaysia hasn’t been improving; the government do not want people in kampong to have access). Not forgetting the release of DSAI. Since his release, he has been travelling in and out of the country, using both local independent and respected international broadcasts. No one can deny that he is one of the pulling factors for voters to convincingly opt for opposition parties. Its hard to imagine DAP at one side and PAS on the other with totally different principles. Well DSAI almost successfully represents both of the extremes and most of the gap in the middle. On top of that, credit has to go to Malaysian public for their willingness to finally open up and be critical about national issues.

However, my personal opinion says that most of the credit should go to Dr Mahathir. I believe that this doesn’t sound as popular to most of the readers and others. If we look back to history, he has been in power for so long that anyone who he thinks threatening him will certainly be cut off and metaphorically “killed”. He is one hell of a politician. So when he stepped down, many wondered why he chose Pak lah as opposed to other better candidates. As with Dr M’s capabilities to weigh options and decision making, it is almost impossible that he “would think” Pak Lah is the best successor Malaysian could have ever had in the early 2000s. With 1999 history packed together with Dr M’s retirement package, he is not being perceived or celebrated as “he might hope for” after almost 40 years serving the country.

As I can see it, Dr M might have engineered and hoped that the election would turn out this bad so that people will not remember him as the PM that suffers the worst BN defeat in history. Hurm..that probably has the some logical sense. Even so, why would I thank him in this public blog. Definitely I am not celebrating his smile in his sleep at night nor I chant his name as national savior. Whatever his reason might be, Pak Lah succeeded him without enough support and loyalty and respect to maintain a strong leadership thus creating a huge segregation and doubts among the party and cabinet and even the public. Plus with his easy+sleepy character, he is easier to be manipulated by those who have been eager to exploit nation’s wealth and decision making process. His era of management has given a vast room for people to take advantage and capitalize. This includes the Malaysian public. It seems like the pressure of not being able to decide has finally being lifted bit by bit from the people. Thus for all these three years, Malaysians have embarked to a new level of political maturity that has led to the biggest turn out to vote. (+-80%)

So even Dr M might have had his own agendas, he has created a situation where the Malaysian political arena becomes more competitive and vigorous by letting the “weakest” successor to rule. I believe that this has benefited the public the most. Well I am not celebrating the victories of the opposition and the failures of BN, rather my biggest relief is that Malaysians finally able to express their concerns and their rights to chose who ever should be running the country during elections. The fear that has been pulling back most people is slowly fading away. While there are a large number of voters voted for BA simply not because they supported them, but because they just “do not want to vote for BN”. So many exercised their right as a sign of warning, which I think is still reasonable and valid. Fundamentally, the situation forces any ruling government to perform good governance, improve transparency and efficiency as they have to keep in mind that Malaysians are no more a bunch of jokers that they can cheat and take for granted, its either they perform or see the exit door in the next election.

by batigol(kakiblog)

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