Koo Tee Yam

Datuk Koo Tee Yam @ Ah Lek

  • believed to control most of the underworld activities in Kuala Lumpur namely loan sharking, pirated discs and goods, prostitution, drugs, illegal gambling and murder
  • also diversified into many legitimate businesses such as discos, clubs, security companies, restaurants, construction and many more.
  • Controlling assets worth more than RM1 billion, he is the head of the so called "Four Heavenly Kings" that controls a large criminal empire in West Malaysia.
  • During the 2004 General Election, Koo Tee Yam allegedly handed over RM20 million in donations to the Prime Minister personally.
  • When the previous IGP came to power, incensed with what he heard, arrested Koo Tee Yam under the ISA. A court found him innocent. The police however swooped in again to arrest him.
  • Three days later, the Federal Court (Justice Datuk Pajan Singh Gill, Justice Datuk Richard Malanjum and Justice Datuk Augustine Paul) ordered his unconditional released citing that the detainees rights had been circumvented by the police, which is the same argument given by hundreds of ISA detainess to the Federal Court - all shot down and many spent years if not decades under detention.
  • In order to get out and reassert control over his empire, Koo Tee Yam arranged a meeting with the Prime Minister's men. RM7 million exchanged hands to secure his freedom, and he left for Hong Kong.
  • he had a well connected lawyer, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, who has represented a legion of criminals and corrupt men.

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